‘Can’t Stop US Drone Strikes On Pak Territory’: Pakistan Supreme Court Expresses Helplessness

Upholding an earlier verdict of the Peshawar High Court, The Pakistani Supreme Court said that it cannot stop American drone strikes on Pakistani soil, reports Defence News.
The petitioner’s lawyer said that innocent people were being killed in the drone attacks and sought to an end to the American strikes. However, the petition was dismissed by a three-member bench, led by Chief Justice Asif Saeeda Khosa which stated such issues are overseen by the government.
The US is said to have carried out its last drone strike on Pakistan in December 2017 along the Af-Pak border.
A diplomatic spat broke out between Islamabad and Washington in January 2018, over a US drone strike in Kurram Agency with both sides publicly rejecting each other’s claims on the original target.
The drone strike is said to have targeted a commander from the Haqqani network and his two accomplices in the Kurram Agency. But Pakistan was quick to insist that the predator strike actually hit the Afghan refugee camp.
The US embassy issued a statement on the development, calling Pakistan’s assertion as ‘false’, which prompted Pakistan Army to come with its own versions of insights into the strike.

Source: https://swarajyamag.com/insta/cant-stop-us-drone-strikes-on-pak-territory-pakistan-supreme-court-expresses-helplessness


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