Lyra McKee killing: 'New breed of terrorism' in Northern Ireland, says PSNI

A new breed of terrorist is coming through the ranks in Northern Ireland, the detective leading the hunt for Lyra McKee’s killers said.
Police on Saturday arrested two teenagers in connection with the murder of the journalist in Derry. Officers suspect they are members of the dissident republican group New IRA.
The suspects, aged 18 and 19, were detained under anti-terrorism legislation and taken to a police station in Belfast for questioning.
Det Supt Jason Murphy of the PSNI told a press conference in Derry that terrorists were lurking in the shadows. “What we are seeing is a new breed of terrorist coming through the ranks and that for me is a very worrying situation,” he said.
He said there had been a sea change in community attitudes which was demonstrated in “unprecedented support” for police investigating the killing. 
He urged witnesses who had yet to come forward to not be deterred by intimidation. “I know there will be some people who know what happened but are scared to come forward. I want to reassure you that we will work with you sensitively.
“There is a sense that what happened to Lyra marked a sea change and I want people to have the confidence to come forward and help us. Those who killed Lyra in this cowardly attack must not be allowed to do this again.”
Cooperation between the community and police should be part of McKee’s legacy, said Murphy.
McKee’s killing has sparked a backlash against dissident republicans in Derry. They have apologised for her death, calling it a tragic accident by a volunteer who was targeting police. Organisers cancelled a parade on Monday to commemorate the 1916 Easter Rising.

The arrests on Saturday followed the release of security camera footage that showed a masked person apparently shooting in the direction of police Land Rovers during rioting in the Creggan estate, a republican area of Derry, on Thursday night. About 50 petrol bombs were thrown during the riot and two cars were burned out.
McKee, 29, was standing with other civilians near the police vehicles when she was shot. Another person appeared to collect something, thought to be shell casings, from the ground. Additional footage from a mobile phone showed the alleged killer leaning out from behind cover and appearing to shoot.
Police released the footage in hope that the public would help identify the killer.
Further vigils for McKee were due to be held across Northern Ireland on Saturday, including in Belfast and Omagh, as tributes to her work and condemnation of her murder continued.


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