Cyber terrorists threaten Nigeria, experts proffer solutions

Cyber criminals unarmed but very lethal are the prowl in Nigeria. The unchecked activities of these thieves are near plague.
Nigeria as a country is at risk of cyber terrorism and needs urgent framework including laws to stave off premeditated, politically motivated attacks against government, institutions, information and computer systems in the country.
The intention of a cyber terrorism attack could range from economic disruption through the interruption of financial activities to upheavals.
While some countries have moved quickly to nib in the bud the disruptive activities, or the threat thereof, in cyber space of the criminal gangs exploiting the anonymity of the Internet, Nigeria’s approach has been sore-footed and refractory.
The unchecked activities of cyber terrorists can cause serious disruption in the country’s social, ideological, religious, political and economic fabrics.
The true threat of cyber terrorism is exploiting and manipulating people’s psychology using the elements of discrimination, racialism, terror and so on to divide people and create differences.
Tony Ogbonna, a cyber security expert, said that cyber terrorists are also threatening banking and telecommunications institutions and that their illegal activities have far reaching consequences on the economy.
“Cyber terrorism has continued largely because terrorists are known to be passionate about accomplishing their goals, and are often willing to lose their own lives to accomplish massive destruction while experts/professionals who could counter them cannot keep up with them” he added.
Waxing worriedly, the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) said that the National Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) will soon be established, to curb cybercrime.
Prof. Umar Danbatta, eexecutive vice chairman, NCC, said that the provision of CERT was to ensure efficient response to security incidents within the cyberspace.
He said that CERT was essential to monitor and deter threats that could exploit information system vulnerabilities.
According to him, NCC must be in the forefront in ensuring that telecommunications networks are secure enough to ensure Nigerians who want to subscribe to the telecommunication services do so without any fear of their security or privacy being violated.
Nodding in agreement, Chris Uwaje, director general, Delta State Innovation Hub (DS-IHUB), said Nigeria needs a home grown solutions to tackle the menace.
“Nigeria must use locally developed solution to free the country from digital slavery of the foreign nations. For a digital Nigeria, this conference is a wake-up call as time is already running out” Uwaje added.



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