Baghdad summit concludes with stress on Iraq’s unity

The Baghdad summit of parliaments of neighbouring countries of Iraq on Saturday concluded with a final declaration stressing the stability of the country.
Turkey’s parliament speaker Mustafa Sentop also attended the Baghdad summit which brought together parliament speakers of Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Turkey, Jordan and Syria.
The summit was headed by Speaker of Iraq’s Council of Representatives, Mohammed al-Halbusi.
The summit of legislative chiefs in Baghdad highlighted the importance of the stability of Iraq and the preservation of its territorial integrity and its social fabric, after its great victory over the terrorists of Daesh.
“The stability of Iraq is necessary for the stability of the region and contributes its return with all its political and economic weight and creative human resources to its Arab and regional environment,” read the declaration.
The declaration emphasized “the importance of supporting moderation and combating extremism in all its forms, especially as it is the people of the region who pay the price of extremism.”
The declaration also drew attention that the support of neighbouring countries was needed for the process of building, reconstruction and development in Iraq, and to encourage investment opportunities in various fields in order to enable displaced people to return to their cities.
It was also underlined that the participating countries should support the political process and democracy in Iraq.



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