PKK a great threat for all of Europe

In Europe, especially in EU member states, certain parties that have troubles with Turkey or do not wish to make Turkey a member state are making a huge mistake.
With the "Turkey's enemy is my ally" mindset, by supporting terrorist organizations that drench Turkey in blood, they actually cause great harm to all of Europe, especially to the EU.
These parties nurture their own enemies, making a grave mistake by "welcoming" terrorist organizations that are responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of people in Turkey. The PKK and the Gülenist Terror Group (FETÖ) have only one goal and that is to spread their roots in the places where they are.
They begin by complaining about Turkey; thus pleasing European opposition to Turkey. Those harboring terrorists that spill blood in Turkey are incapable of seeing that they harm their own countries by not giving these terrorists back. The name of the terrorist organization that is competing with the mafia when it comes to drug smuggling in European countries is the PKK. Similarly, when it comes to human trafficking it is again the PKK that is a lot more active than the mafia. European police organizations know this reality very well. However, some politicians, some church representatives and some civil society organizations - due to their problems with "Muslim Turkey" - prevent a crackdown on the PKK.
France does not see the PKK's Syrian affiliate, the People's Protection Units (YPG), as "terrorists." They even allowed them to open an agency in Paris. However, those demonstrating using the name of the YPG are all members of the PKK. European police and intelligence organizations know this very well. Those who organized demonstrations for the PKK yesterday are doing the same demonstrations for the YPG today.
European countries, and especially the EU, are obviously not stupid. Everything is clear. Despite this, those protecting these terrorists by saying "Turkey's enemies are our allies" tomorrow will have to answer to their own societies.
The day will come when German, French, Swiss, Belgian, Dutch, Danish and Swedish people will rightfully ask, "Why did you harbor these terrorists?" But once "these snakes bite those who fed them," it will be too late. The PKK has been spreading its web for many years in European countries. It is well known that they extort money from Kurdish businessmen. By organizing under screen associations they mask their terrorist faces. In recent years, by cooperating with far-right or racist groups they attack Muslims, increasing attacks against mosques and Muslim cultural associations. Especially in Belgium, it has chosen districts where Turks are concentrated as targets.
Those not protesting PKK attacks on European Muslims today will regret this when it becomes their turn tomorrow.
For example, the last PKK attack in France is a warning for the European public. PKK supporters demonstrating in Strasbourg, France, attacked the police and European Council building.
PKK supporters demonstrating in front of the European Council to protest PKK leader Abdullah Öcalan's incarceration conditions attacked their surroundings. We are not surprised. PKK sympathizers broke the doors and windows of the European Council building by throwing stones, and dangerous objects were burned in a waste bin outside the building. About 43 people of the terrorist organization's supporters that wounded three policemen have been taken into custody. European Council Communications Director Daniel Holtgen indicated that the attack was unacceptable. Good morning Mr. Holtgen. 
High-security measures were taken on the European boulevard where the attack took place. French police had been warned about this for years. Up to today, especially in Strasbourg, PKK sympathizers that opened a tent in front of the European Council were not disturbed. They stabbed an innocent person passing by their tent who did not share their ideals.
The tent used for PKK propaganda has always been protected by officials with excuses like "the police are responsible" or "the municipality is responsible" or "freedom of expression." The result is clear. Three wounded policemen. We hope that the French police have now realized the level of the danger. "A snake always bites the hand that feeds it." There is no need to suffer even "bigger pains" to understand that the PKK is a big danger for Europe as well.



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