NIA, ED, IT probe suggests Kashmir separatists sat on a pot of gold

New Delhi, Mar 28: Continuing its investigation in a terror funding case against the Kashmir separatists, the Enforcement Directorate has identified several more properties that are set to be attached.
The National Investigation Agency (NIA), which is also probing this case had found that the separatists had been paid large chunks of money to fuel tension in the Kashmir Valley. Sources say that they were rewarded handsomely for this and a lot of money had been used to purchase properties as well.
During the probe, it was found that Kashmiri businessman Zahoor Watali owned the highest number of properties. Apart from properties in his name, there were assets found to be in the names of his wife and children as well.
The Income Tax Department too has been roped in to probe this case. The IT department has already unearthed property papers, undisclosed cash and jewellery belonging to the separatists to the tune of crores of rupees.
"These actions are part of the department's continued drive against use of black money by disruptive elements in the state. The operations also send a message of deterrence and obviation to those intending to vitiate the democratic process of free and fair elections," the IT department said.
The tax department further said one operation was against a prominent Line of Control (LOC) trader who apparently used proxies to conduct large cross-LoC trade in the past six years.
"Large undisclosed profit earned by him has been diverted to allegedly suspect elements in the Valley. During the action, documents of transactions in the names of some of the proxies were found. Investigations are in progress to determine the clandestine cross-LoC trade conducted by the tax evader through the Custodian of the Trade Facilitation Centre, Srinagar," it said.
The tax department also said the preliminary results of the search operation are extremely encouraging. In the aggregate, undisclosed cash of Rs 1.44 crore and unaccounted jewellery worth Rs 2.48 crore have been seized. The documentary evidence collected and examined so far shows undeclared property transactions of more than Rs 41 crore, primarily in the Kashmir valley and concealed financial transactions of nearly Rs 17 crore.



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