How individuals can help overcome terrorism

Terrorism is a menace. Often, terrorists do not seek solutions but look to destruction as their aim and achievement. The terrorist community has, over the years, gone to the extent of running terrorist training camps and acquiring stealth hardware to create maximum death and destruction.
Military forces of various countries are actively engaged in eliminating terrorism – an invisible, unknown enemy – but armed forces alone are not enough to overcome this threat.

Universal illumination or enlightenment can assist in ultimately eradicating international terrorism from its roots. Enlightenment is an altered state of consciousness that can bring about a state of causeless, unconditional love and limitless joy. It is a neurobiological phenomenon. Fundamental changes must occur in your physical brain, it must learn a new pattern of functioning.
One can attain illumination by being aware of certain spiritually awakening principles with the Self-realisation that these need to be put into practice. When virtues of forgiveness, friendship, gratitude, silencing the mind, shedding ego, setting right one’s relationships in all spheres of life, and witnessing without commentary are understood and realised, and they become a part of the individual’s life, then he is on the path leading to illumination. There is then the opportunity to work for peace and harmony.

The prerequisites for attaining such a state can be summed up in four basic principles: Karma yoga in performing one’s actions without expecting the fruits, forgiveness to set right relationships, total acceptance of the flow of life without questioning and analysis and, above all, when it is the desire of the heart, Divine Grace helps.
Attainment of this state can be accelerated by special techniques – breathing exercises to balance flow of energy, relaxation and meditation to silence the mind, samskara shuddhi, freedom from negative life patterns and filling with positive life patterns, and chakra dhyana to keep energy body in perfect health.
When the vital centres, chakras of the energy body are properly activated, and are aligned and rotate at the optimum frequency of 33 times per second, then the person is in a fit state to realise enlightenment.

An individual can attain illumination through understanding the principles of enlightened life and put them into practice. One such person will spread illumination to at least 1,00,000 persons in a cascading effect. If 60,000 people are enlightened in various parts of the world, then all six billion people will get enlightenment through the law of morphogenic fields. This will put an end to the menace of terrorism and clear the way for a peace-loving lifestyle.
The written word can influence the lives of people more profoundly than any material instrument. The sword can only affect the physical life of a person, while the word can shape a person’s mind and spirit and so help to determine that person’s destiny forever. If this is true of human words, it should be all the more so in the case of God’s word.
It has been said, “The word of God is alive and active, sharper than any double-edged sword. It cuts all the way through, to where the soul and spirit meet, to where joints and marrow come together. It judges the desires and thoughts of the heart.”



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