Counter Extremism Hub launched to reduce threat of violent extremism

A 'Counter Extremism Hub' has been launched by the European Union’s Strengthening Resilience to Violent Extremism, STRIVE, Global programme at Hedayah, the International Centre of Excellence for Countering Violent Extremism, CVE, and the Institute for Strategic Dialogue, ISD, a global ‘think and do tank’ dedicated to powering solutions to extremism and polarisation.

The Hub is a global CVE web portal that seeks to bring together all relevant actors working in the field of CVE.
"The new Counter Extremism Hub will serve as a key resource for the CVE community to further coordinate and collaborate efforts to reduce the threat of violent extremism globally," Hedayah Executive Director Maqsoud Kruse highlights.
The Hub provides an opportunity for practitioners, researchers, governments and policymakers to showcase their relevant work, practices and knowledge.

Sasha Havlicek, founder and CEO of ISD commented: "The Hub fills an important gap in knowledge-sharing and information exchange within the CVE domain and is designed to enable policy makers, practitioners, researchers and experts to connect, learn from each other and build on good practice in the sector."
As an interactive online portal, the "Counter Extremism Hub" presents a number of features, including a resource library to access all the latest CVE reports and publications. Users can also create their own profiles and connect with other individuals and organisations in the field using the Hub’s global directory. The Hub also features a forum allowing for discussions on current and pressing violent extremist threats.
The "Counter Extremism Hub" welcomes individuals and organisations to register and gain access to its many features at www.counterextremismhub.or



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