US thwarts N.Korea cyberattack

The US Department of Justice says it has mapped out and disrupted an illegal computer network created by North Korean hackers.
Officials say the hackers used malware to target computers running the Microsoft Windows operating system. It enabled the cybercriminals to control computers without being detected by their owners.
Last year, the FBI and other investigators obtained a court order and search warrant which enabled them to modify servers and mimic the virus. As a result, they are now able to locate other infected computers and notify victims in the US.
US officials say they're working to eradicate the threat of North Korean state hackers.
Earlier this week, an assessment by American intelligence agencies said the country poses a significant cyber risk.
The North is thought to be behind a number of high-profile hacking incidents. These include a cyber-attack on Sony Pictures and the theft of more than 80 million dollars from the Central Bank of Bangladesh.


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