Terror funds: Israeli NGO Threatens to Sue Coinbase for Enabling Hamas’ Bitcoin Donations

Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has been threatened with a lawsuit by an Israeli civil rights NGO Shurat HaDin (Israel Law Center) if it continues to allow Hamas to fundraise via its platform, The Jerusalem Post reports.
Shurat HaDin now wants Coinbase to stop offering services to the Palestinian fundamentalist organization Hamas. The United States, where Coinbase is headquartered, views Hamas as a ‘Foreign Terrorist Organization’. The warning came in a letter sent to the cryptocurrency exchange by the NGO:
It has recently come to our attention that the notorious Palestinian terrorist group Hamas currently maintains an account with Coinbase, Inc. (“Coinbase”), through which it is accepting donations. Therefore, I am writing to notify Coinbase that knowingly providing material support or resources to Hamas is a violation of U.S. federal criminal law, and to demand that Coinbase immediately terminate any and all accounts and services provided to Hamas.

Has Hamas Flouted Coinbase’s Terms of Service?

Going by Coinbase’s terms of service (ToS), Hamas may indeed have breached the user agreement. As an organization which has engaged in acts of terror, this is a violation of Coinbase’s ToS. The ToS warns users against utilizing the service in the promotion of ‘violent crimes’.

Source: https://in.finance.yahoo.com/news/israeli-ngo-threatens-sue-coinbase-114727732.html


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