Persecution: Hindu temple in Pakistan vandalised

Islamabad/Karachi: A Hindu temple was vandalised in Pakist-an’s Sindh province by miscreants who set the holy books and idols on fire, drawing a strong reaction from Prime Minister Imran Khan who ordered swift and decisive action against the perpetrators.
The incident happened last week in Kumb, a town in Khairpur district.

The unidentified assailants fled the after vandalism. Mr Khan on Tuesday night took to Twitter to call upon the provincial authorities to take swift action against the culprits.
“The govt of Sindh must take swift and decisive action against the perpetrators. This is against the teachings of the Quran,” Khan said.
The community has approached the police to register a case against unidentified persons.
There was no caretaker at the temple because the community felt that it was safe enough, since it was surrounded by their houses.

After the incident, the Hindus in the area held a protest in the city, Samaa TV reported. Rajesh Kumar Hardasani, the adviser of the Pakistan Hindu Council, has demanded the formation of a special task force for the security of Hindu temples.
“This action has caused unrest among the Hindu community. These types of attacks are done in an attempt to disturb religious harmony across the country,” he said.
Police said that they were hunting for the attackers but so far no arrest was made. Nobody or group took responsibility of the attack.
Hindus form almost two per cent of the 220 million population in Muslim-majority Pakistan. Most of the Hindus live in Sindh province.
They often complain of harassment by the extremists.    



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