Dems must face embarrassment of their extremism: Varney

A series of "incidents" has tarnished and split the Democratic Party. Their leadership has lost control. This is becoming a big political embarrassment.
Rep. Ilhan Omar has made anti-Semitic comments. She demands a boycott of Israel. And she warns against America "interfering" in Venezuela.  She still sits on the House Foreign Affairs Committee and used her position to attack our envoy to Venezuela.

Next week Rep. Omar will speak at a dinner sponsored by Islamic Relief USA, which supports radical Islamist organizations. She is splitting the Democratic Party.

Then there is New Jersey Sen. Bob Menendez. Embarrassed by a question about the Green New Deal. He wouldn't answer. He threatened to call the police.

And there is the chronic embarrassment of the Green New Deal itself. This is the fantastical plan submitted by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Four Democratic presidential candidates support it. You know: Inspect and upgrade every building in the country, no fossil fuels in 10 years, a well-paid, benefit-rich job, guaranteed for all -- paid for by printing money! They are going to be hammered on this right up to Election Day.

One more: Congresswoman Gwen Moore, D-Wisc., utterly dismissing prosperity.

I'll let the congresswoman's contempt for Trump era prosperity, speak for itself.
The Democrats have a dilemma: How do they keep the party together. Anti-Semites and Jewish voters, socialists and whatever capitalists remain in the party. Fantastical climate change extremists with coal miners and oil drillers. #MeToo people and Virginia’s lieutenant governor.
Avoiding a split is not their only dilemma. They also have to deal with the embarrassment of extremism.



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