Act sternly against extremists

One after another, extremist groups are trying to create trouble for the nascent Pakatan Harapan (PH) government.

I think it is time for the new government to deal with all this nonsense sternly and resolutely, without fear or favour. It is about time these groups and individuals are investigated and charged in court for inciting the people to go against each other.
The new government must use the mandate to govern, to institute reforms and to bring tangible benefits to the people, instead of pandering further to extremists’ demands which are often ridiculous, incendiary and stupid.

The extremist groups are very insulting and dangerous. They do not have the interest of this nation at heart. They act regardless of costs and consequences.
When idols were found in a mosque, why threaten the nation with a “monster rally”? Do they know for sure who put the idols there? Do they know for sure it was the mischievous act of a community and not of a deranged individual? Must a nation or a community suffer because of one depraved individual? It is obvious these extremists are capitalising on the sentiment of the people to cause trouble.

When a non-Malay attorney-general is accused of being biased based on his race or religion, what does that tell us? Are they saying the non-Malays are incapable of being impartial and fair when carrying out their official duties? Bias should be proven with facts, not allegations based on one’s race and religion. Why do they not look at the way a Malay attorney-general carried out his work in the past – whether or not he was biased, had served public interest, and upheld the rule of law?
What about some seasoned politicians now claiming the PH government will likely degenerate into chaos after Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s retirement because it has too many DAP (read non-Malays) ministers holding important portfolios? I wonder what could be more toxic than this.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not assuming that DAP ministers are ipso facto good. But at the very least, they should be judged by their performance and collective responsibility to the Cabinet and Parliament. If DAP ministers have done specific wrongs or committed racist acts, they should be exposed and reprimanded based on facts. Right now, they are being condemned and judged because of their race and through orchestrated hate.
You know what? Sometimes I wish non-Malays are put in charge of the New Economic Policy programmes. At least the non-Malays will not be able to steal the privileges for themselves because they are not entitled to them. Perhaps Malay leaders and politicians must ask where most of the privileges and opportunities made available had gone to during the past few decades.
I believe the PH government has sufficient mandate and power to deal with racists and extremists. However, if the coalition itself chooses to play the racist game, then it is another story.



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