Over nine million square meters cleared of landmines

Luena - An area of more than nine million square meters of land was demined in Moxico province during this year, plus 7,7 million square meters compared to 2017.
The information was released Sunday in Angolan city of Luena by the official of the National Inter-sectoral Committee for Demining and Humanitarian Assistance (CNIDAH) of the province of Moxico, Chile Chicanha, noting that this year 576 antipersonnel mines were removed and destroyed, as well as 67 anti-tank, 1,473 projectiles and 4,063 ammunition.
From the clean areas, he highlighted the surroundings of the Cazombo aerodrome (Alto - Zambeze), the perimeter of the bridge over the Luena river, the road that gives access to the community of Tchafinda, Sinai Novo and polygons of the 72nd brigade.
He said that in spite of the mine clearance work, there were accidents with mines in the localities of Tchitali, Moxico municipality, Francisco neighborhood, municipality of Léua, and in the outskirts of the municipalities of Alto Zambezi and Bundas.
Data on the impact of the mines on the communities point to Moxico as one of the 18 provinces of the most mined in the country, with a size of 299 square meters, of which 250 are confirmed and 49 are suspect.

Source: https://reliefweb.int/report/angola/over-nine-million-square-meters-cleared-landmines


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