Israeli protesters to EU states: Stop funding terrorists

Protests at embassies of Germany, Norway, Spain, Sweden demand they stop funding ‘HaMoked: Center For the Defence of the Individual'.

The issue of demolishing terrorists’ homes has now reached foreign embassies in Israel. Over the past month, members of the Ad Kan organization protested across from the embassies of Germany, Norway, Sweden, Spain and others, demanding that they stop their countries’ funding of ‘HaMoked: Center for the Defence of the Individual’ that assists terrorists. Members from Ad Kan held posters listing the amount donated from each country and a satirical thank-you note from Hamas and HaMoked for the countries’ support. The thank-you note also had a picture of the partially destroyed home of the terrorist who carried out the murder in Barkan.
The protesters from Ad Kan started opposite the German Embassy in Israel and held a sign stating that Germany donated nearly 1.5 million USD to HaMoked in the past two years.
Near the Germany Embassy, Tzachi Dichstein, Associate Director of ‘Ad Kan’ explained the campaign against HaMoked. He said, “We came here this morning, members of Ad Kan, to the German Embassy in Israel to make the following message very clear: stop donating money that directly assists terrorists. The Germany government gave nearly 1.5 million dollars just in the past two years to HaMoked, which works to prevent the demolition of terrorists’ homes.”
Dichstein went on to describe the reality of terrorism in Israel and noted that Germany’s efforts to prevent the demolition of terrorists’ homes comes “at a time when Israel is dealing with significant threats from terror group, lone-wolf attackers, and the murder of its citizens- including newborn babies. All the while, HaMoked: Center for the Defence of the Individual, with financial support from Europe and Germany, works very hard to prevent the demolition of terrorists’ homes. We came here to say Ad Kan! [lit. Up to here].”
The group from Ad Kan also went to the Norwegian Embassy, where upon entering the courtyard they discovered that the ambassador was not there. Despite that, they asked the representatives there to pass on the message “that the Norwegian government must stop supporting terror. Jews are being murdered and the Norwegian government is giving millions of Shekels to HaMoked- assisting terrorists who carried out attacks. This must end.”
When the Ad Kan activists arrived at the Swedish Embassy, Dichstein spoke with the Director General of the Embassy who informed him that the ambassador was not in the country. During the conversation, Dichstein highlighted that Sweden transferred 6 million NIS to HaMoked in the past few years. He explained that the activists from Ad Kan had come to protest this support and work to end it.
Dichstein said to the Director General, “We came here to end the transfer of funds to organizations that help terrorists. There is a group in Israel called ‘HaMoked: Center for the Defence of the Individual,’ which petitions the court against the demolition of terrorists’ homes. We are being murdered here, just a few weeks ago a newborn baby was murdered, while at the same time European countries like Sweden donate millions of Shekels every year that directly help the terrorists.”
At the end of the conversation, the Director General invited the members of Ad Kan to meet the ambassador and present him with the information they have gathered. The Ad Kan activists also protested outside the Spanish Embassy and held a sign stating that Spain donated over 5.5 million NIS to HaMoked.
Tzachi Dichstein, Associate Director of Ad Kan, summarized the protests, “We have recently completed a series of visits to several embassies including those of Spain, Germany, Norway, and Sweden. Some of the embassies invited us to meet, while others did not. We just finished discussing with the Director General of the Swedish Embassy in Israel and we concluded the conversation by mutually agreeing to schedule a meeting with the ambassador to send him the message: Ad Kan! Stop funding terrorist groups, terrorists, and your support for HaMoked, which works to stop the demolition of terrorists' homes. Ad Kan! [lit. Up to here].”



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