Australia issues travel warning for Mindanao over terrorism, kidnapping

MANILA - After the United Kingdom, Australia on Tuesday warned its citizens against traveling to some parts of Mindanao because of terrorist activity and kidnapping.
Australia's Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade advised its citizens to avoid travel to central and western Mindanao, including the Zamboanga Peninsula, and the Sulu archipelago and southern Sulu Sea area.
It also advised citizens to reconsider travel to eastern Mindanao and exercise a "high degree of caution" when traveling to the Philippines.
The travel warning followed the blast in Cotabato City on Dec. 31, which killed two and injured dozens. 
Foreign Affairs Secretary Teodoro Locsin Sr. said it was only fair for the two nations to issue a travel advisory.
The agency also noted the advisory of the US Department of Homeland Security against the Ninoy Aquino International Airport, which failed to meet the US agency's security requirements.



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