Video: ISIS militants abandon their leader and flee battles against SDF

( The Syrian Democratic Forces published, on Saturday, a video footage showing members of the Islamic State while fleeing the battle, east of Deir Ezzor, and abandoning their leader.
The page of the Syrian Democratic Forces stated that it got the footage from a “Ku-Pro” Camera, which was fixed on the head of Leader of the ISIS militants, Abu Ayman al-Iraqi, who was killed during the clashes.

Furthermore, it added that the ISIS militants abandoned their leader, who was badly injured, and left him to suffer for hours before dying.
It is noteworthy that large number of the Islamic State leaders were killed, since the SDF announced, three months ago, launching its offensive to retake the last stronghold of the ISIS in the areas of Albagouzm Abulkhater, Abulhassan, Hajin, Sha’fa and Sousa.


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