ISIS RETURNS: Moment elite Russian forces raid 'TERROR network' for secretly funding war

RUSSIA’S Federal Security Service detained seven members of an underground network under the suspicion they had been raising money and financing the Islamic State.

Russia: FSB raid underground network raising money for IS

The Federal Security Service (FSB) released a statement indicated that credit cards used for financing terrorism, extremist literature and SIM cards were found and seized during the searches across different locations. The detained suspects reportedly collected money for terrorists under the pretext of charity. According to the FSB, the so-called Muhajiroun and Salsabil charity funds raised money for the supposed purpose of building mosques.
As a result, up to 38 million rubles (£452,515) have been sent to Syria since 2016, the investigation is still ongoing, however.
The video shows the moment that Russian security forces raided the various building across Moscow, Chechnya, Ingushetia and Dagestan while armed with guns and shields.
It then displays the various items found within the apartment which will later be used as evidence.
Among the items retrieved were phones, bank cards and passports.
The FSB said the seven suspects were detained following a joint operation by the FSB, the Investigative Committee, and the National Guard.
Russian Soldier and Vladimir Putin
An elite Russian soldier right before a raid on a suspected terrorist financer (Image: Ruptly)

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Authorities in Ingushetia said that two suspected terrorists were killed overnight after one of them threw a grenade at police in the city of Nazran.
Two officers were subsequently wounded in the attack.
An FSB spokesperson said: “It’s members brainwashed social networks and messaging services users, providing them with credit card details and information about other money transfer tools.
“The so-called Muhajiroun and Salsabil charity funds raised money under the cover of building mosques and proving assistance to low-income Muslims, then cashed it and transferred it to terrorist organisations.”



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