AU warns Libya crisis, return of terrorists pose security challenges to Africa

ALGIERS, Dec. 18 (Xinhua) -- Security deterioration in Libya and return of terrorists are posing further security challenges to Africa, warned Smail Chergui, African Union (AU) High Commissioner for Peace and Security, on Tuesday in Algiers.
"Terrorist and extremist organizations continue to overshadow the resilience and adaptation to measures taken by our member states," Chergui said at the opening of the 12th meeting of the focal points of the African Center for Studies and Research on Terrorism.
The AU official warned against the persistence of terrorist threat and security instability in the Sahel region, especially with the return of terrorists to some countries, such as Burkina Faso, despite the presence of UN forces.
He further noted that several affected African countries do not enjoy enough logistical or financial military support, as the Brussels Agreement, signed two years ago, recommended granting 414-million-euro aids to the Sahel countries, but only 17 million euros have been earmarked so far.
"This situation is likely to cause disillusion and despair among populations, creating a favorable environment for the spread of terrorist message," added Chergui.
As for the Libyan crisis, the AU official said that the political instability in the country remains a major concern, urging "further joint role between the African Union and the United Nations in order to bring together the Libyan warring parties for talks ahead of organizing elections."
Chergui further called for respect for human rights in any response to security challenges, adding that the respect for the fundamental rights of individuals and communities remains "the determining factor of justice and good governance in the international system."
The meeting, which opened on Tuesday in Algiers, will continue behind closed doors in the presence of representatives of the regional economic bodies and counterterrorism mechanisms in Africa.



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