‘50 years of CPP-NPA a failed rebellion’

AFP: Reds have hindered Phl development

MANILA, Philippines — Malacañang yesterday described as a “failure” the 50-year rebellion waged by the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP), predicting its followers would be “buried in the dustbin of history.”
In a statement released during the 50th anniversary of the CPP, presidential spokesman Salvador Panelo said the rebellion only resulted in the loss of lives and destruction to property.
Panelo claimed CPP founder Jose Maria Sison, who has been in self-exile in the Netherlands since 1987, “remains ensconced in his ivory tower of comfort and luxury while his comrades die for a lost cause.”
“The 50 years of Joma Sison’s rebellion speaks for itself. It’s a failed rebellion. It only resulted in loss of lives of Filipinos, especially the numerous young students who were killed in battles, skirmishes and in sickness in the hills, who could have served their country well in pacific and productive means, as well as destruction of properties,” Panelo said.
“The winds of change will sweep this incorrigible rebel, who is living in comfort and luxury while his comrades are in the hills, as well as those who follow him, to oblivion and will be buried in the dustbin of history,” Panelo added.
Panelo said Sison’s long exile has “dulled his senses, put him out of touch with reality and in a constant state of hallucination.”
He said the choice would be obvious if one is asked to choose between “an intellectual whose 50 years of rebellion is a failure that brought only the loss of lives, destruction of property and fear to the very people he is supposed to have fought for” and “a self-proclaimed mediocre city mayor who rose to the presidency of the land by an overwhelming majority, and who has launched a revolution of change in almost all aspects of governance.”
“It is not too late though for them (communist rebels) to return to the fold of society and embrace the rule of law and the majority,” Panelo said.
He said it is time for Sison to “wave the white flag before his physique gives up on him.”
“There is honor in returning to a democratic society and embracing the constitutional order,” Panelo added.
Speaking to ANC yesterday, Sison claimed the CPP remains relevant and its revolution has grown strong because “it has described correctly the kind of situation and society in the Philippines.”
Sison also described Duterte as a “maniac” and “the best recruiter” of the CPP and its armed wing, New People’s Army (NPA) because of the outrage and abuses of the people.
Panelo claimed Sison is hurling tirades at Duterte to make it appear that he is still relevant.
“The NPA surrenderees are coming in droves, responding to the call of the government to return to the fold of the law,” Duterte’s spokesman said.
“No wonder the forces on the ground no longer follow him, hence his regular rants against (President Duterte) to give himself the appearance of relevance,” Panelo added.
Panelo expressed hope that Sison would be “blessed with inner peace and enlightenment” during the Christmas season.

A failed rebellion

The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) also described the 50-year insurgency waged by the CPP-NPA as “a failed rebellion.”
AFP Public Affairs Office chief Col. Noel Detoyato took exception to the claims made by Sison that the CPP and the NPA remain relevant in leading a “vibrant revolution.”
“Relevant? That’s a self-serving statement from the founder and leader of a failed revolution,” Detoyato said, referring to Sison.
Lt. Col. Eugenio Julio Osias, civil-military operations chief of the Army’s 7th Infantry Division, said the last 50 years of CPP’s existence only succeeded in hindering the development in some areas of the country.
“The CPP-NPA has 50 years of relevance in hindering our country’s development. Fifty years of nothing, up to this date since their creation they did not progress a bit. They are still in their Strategic Defense Stage,” Osias said.
The rebels celebrated the 50th founding anniversary of the CPP yesterday in parts of the country.
Juanito Magbanua, spokesman for the NPA’s Apolinarion Gatmaitan Command in Negros, claimed more than 3,000 attended the celebration held at an undisclosed place in the island.
Norsen Manggubat, spokesman for CPP North Central Mindanao Region, said they would continue the struggle.
Manggubat claimed the government has failed to suppress the CPP-NPA in Mindanao despite its air and ground superiority.
“Hence, the foremost expression of celebrating the CPP’s 50th anniversary is to continuously afflict the people’s enemy and prove them wrong from their delusions that they could defeat the historical struggle of the oppressed and exploited people,” Manggubat said.
Col. Benedict Arevalo, commander of the Army’s 303rd Infantry Brigade based in Negros, belittled the NPA claims, saying they have nothing to celebrate.
“They should be ashamed of themselves for 50 years of giving us misery and destruction in our place,” Arevalo said.
He said the existence of the CPP-NPA for 50 years is all about financing a useless and futile war against the government.
Elsewhere, a militiaman was wounded as government troops clashed with 20 NPA rebels in Rodriguez, Rizal on Christmas Day.
Brig. Gen. Arnulfo Marcelo Burgos, commander of the Army’s 202nd Infantry Brigade, pointed out the clash was a violation of the NPA’s self-imposed ceasefire.
“(It was) a clear manifestation that their fighters no longer recognize the authority of their so-called leaders,” Burgos said.
Burgos said the rebels were about to attack an Army patrol base on the outskirts of Barangay Puray when soldiers and militiamen from the 80th Infantry Battalion intercepted them.
At the height of the fighting a militiaman was hit on the leg but is now out danger.
President Duterte has canceled the talks between the government and CPP-NPA because of their demand for a coalition government and continuous attack on government forces.
Duterte has also accused the communists of not being sincere in seeking peace because of the NPA’s attacks against state forces and civilians.
Last week, Duterte said the CPP-NPA has to be “destroyed” to maintain law and order in the country.
Duterte did not declare a Christmas truce with the CPP-NPA despite the rebels’ unilateral ceasefire for the holidays.
The CPP-NPA has been waging war against the government since 1968, one of Asia’s oldest insurgencies.
Peace talks to end the conflict, which the military says has claimed 30,000 lives, have been conducted on and off for three decades.
Duterte’s election in 2016 revived hopes for successful negotiations with the communists, the former mayor being a self-declared socialist whose dream was to forge peace in the country.
But he cancelled peace talks in November 2017 after a series of attacks staged by the NPA. – With Jaime Laude, Ed Amoroso, Roel Pareño, John Unson

source https://www.philstar.com/headlines/2018/12/27/1880201/50-years-cpp-npa-failed-rebellion


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