3 women stabbed in German city, unclear if attacks linked

BERLIN (AP) — Three women have been stabbed and wounded in the German city of Nuremberg, police said Friday as they investigated whether the incidents were connected.
There was no immediate word on what weapon was used in Thursday evening's attacks. Police said there was no indication of any link to terrorism.
The stabbings took place in the Bavarian city's St. Johannis district. The first victim, a 56-year-old, required surgery after a man attacked her on the street and fled.
The other two attacks took place in quick succession about 3 ½ hours later. A 26-year-old and then a 34-year-old sustained injuries that were initially described as life-threatening.
Police said Friday that all the victims had been treated successfully and their lives were no longer in danger.
They said that they couldn't rule out the same person having carried out all three attacks.
Police beefed up their presence in the area on Friday, with both uniformed and plainclothes officers. They were still looking for the perpetrator or perpetrators.

Source: https://in.news.yahoo.com/3-women-stabbed-german-city-unclear-attacks-linked-072417001.html


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