Kosovo court upholds acquittal of Imams accused of preaching extremism

The Court has confirmed the acquittal of the accused Bedri Robaj, Idriz Bilibani, Enes Goga, Mazllum Mazllumi, and Fuad Ramiqi. “The Court of Appeals has rejected as ungrounded the appeal of the Special Prosecution of the Republic of Kosovo, challenging the judgment of the Basic Court in Pristina, dated 18.05.2018,” according to a statement of the Court of Appeals. With this judgment, the accused Bedri Robaj, Idriz Bilibani, Enes Goga, Mazllum Mazllumi, and Fuad Ramiqi, have been acquitted of all charges. The Court of Appeals justifies its reasoning that the evidence presented during main trial have not proved that the actions of the accused represent elements of criminal charges they were facing according to the indictment. The Court of Appeals has also confirmed that the judgment of the first instance court represents no violation of essential legal provisions of the Criminal Procedure Code of Kosovo.  
In 2016, Prosecutors in Kosovo have brought charges against five people accused of inciting national, racial, religious or ethnic hatred. All five were arrested in 2015 but were released later pending trial. Among those accused was Fuad Ramiqi, who at that time was the leader of the country’s only Islamic political party.

Source: https://www.gazetaexpress.com/en/news/kosovo-upholds-acquittal-of-terror-suspect-imams-174612/


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