Are we the baddies? Al Qaeda team plays on the same side as the US in Yemen

Are we the baddies? Al Qaeda team plays on the same side as the US in Yemen (VIDEO)
US media obfuscation of the truth about the Yemen war has effectively shielded the American public from learning that their country is in league with Al Qaeda forces there, Rania Khalek reports.
Al Qaeda in the Arab Peninsula (AQAP) is supposed to be the branch most dangerous to Americans because it is actively plotting attacks on the US. Yet, the US-backed coalition of Arab nations, led by Saudi Arabia, has cozied up with the group amid the stalled military intervention against the Houthis. AQAP not only fights coalition members, but even serves as a source of recruits for it.
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The US has a long history of using radical religious extremists to do their dirty work, from propping the Muslim Brotherhood against socialist movements, and arming and training the mujahideen against the USSR in Afghanistan, to turning a blind eye to the predominance of various jihadist groups among anti-government ‘rebels’ in Syria.
But the American public is mostly oblivious to the fact that the terrorists, which their country has been supposedly fighting to eradicate since the 9/11 attacks, are de facto US allies in Yemen.
The US mainstream media does not give such details their deserved coverage. The entire Yemeni debacle has been flying under the radar for years, as the Saudi-led coalition bombs weddings and marketplaces and blocks food supplies to the starving nation, Khalek says
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The US is turning its back on its allies - and cutting deals with Al Qaeda militants @RaniaKhalek
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