Helpless Germany can't Help a trafficked victim !? Yazidi Girl Runs Into Her ISIS Captor Who Is Now Roaming Freely In Germany

Ashwaq Ta’lo, a Yazidi girl and her entire family, were kidnapped by ISIS from Northern Iraq about four years ago. Eventually, she was sold off to a man named Abu Humam, believed to be a Syrian ISIS guard.
She was then taken to Syria and forced to convert to Islam. She was made to memorise the Koran and pray five times a day. Humam all this while continued abusing her every day.
She thankfully managed to escape and walked 14 hours to Sinjar mountains in Iraqi Kurdistan. She later took up asylum in Germany and started living in Stuttgart.
As reported by The Times, she was stopped by a man in February which she was walking home. Suddenly she froze and after studying his face carefully found that he was the same ISIS guard Abu Humam who had continually tortured her.
After introducing himself, he commented that he knows where she lived, and claimed full knowledge of her day-to-day actions.
Ta’lo ran and told her brother of this encounter. She also approached an asylum official and the police to seek their help. Humam was identified by the police using CCTV footage, who shockingly told her that they could do nothing as he is a registered refugee.
Ta’lo has since then left Germany and now lives with her father in Kurdistan. She says she will never go back to Germany.



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