Fundamentalism: Asaduddin Owaisi says those who humiliate Muslims will be forced to grow beard and convert to Islam

Reacting to a Muslim man being allegedly forced to shave his beard following an altercation in Gurugram, All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM) chief Asaduddin Owaisi on Monday said that even if a Muslim's throat was slit, the person will continue to be a Muslim. Owaisi also issued a warning saying that those who try to humiliate Muslims would be forced to convert to Islam and grow long beards.
Muslim man's beard was shaved off. Those who did it,I am telling them & their fathers, even if you slit our throat,we'll be Muslims.We'll convert you to Islam & will make you keep beard: A Owaisi. Muslim man registered FIR (2 Aug) when his beard was forcibly shaved off in Haryana

On Thursday, three men had allegedly shaved off a Muslim youth, Jafruddin Hamid's beard in Sector 29 Gurugram following a verbal fight with him. According to media reports, the youth was dragged to a nearby salon where his beard was shaved off. The victim then registered an FIR in DLF Sec-29 police station after which an investigation was initiated and the accused were arrested.
Owaisi had earlier raked up a controversy he tried to pick-out a communal angle in the killing of Indian soldiers. “Out of the seven killed in Jammu, five were Kashmiri Muslims. However, nobody is saying anything now. This should be a lesson to those questioning the loyalties of Muslims and call them Pakistanis. We are laying down our lives for you,” he had said. However, the Indian Army had hit-back at him saying that it is above religion and does not communalise martyrs.
Owaisi had even criticised the Congress party for not opposing Rahul Gandhi's act of hugging Narendra Modi in the Parliament. "No-Confidence Motion was moved against Modi and they hug the same person against whom they moved the motion. If I had gone and shook hands with Modi, fatwa would have got issued against me. But when he (Rahul Gandhi) hugged Modi, Congressmen didn't utter a word," Owaisi had said.



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