Arrested JMB terrorist reveals jihad funding link to jewellery shop heists

There was pressure from persuading intelligence agencies, funds from the erstwhile organisation was drying up, because of ideological differences and pressure from the Bangladesh government. To tide over this crisis, neo- Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB) terror operatives carried out at least three robberies in jewellery shops across Karnataka. These dacoities happened in March and April this year.
This information was reportedly shared by arrested neo-JMB terrorist Dilawar Hossain, nabbed by the Special Task Force (STF) of Kolkata Police from Jharkhand.
According to reports, Dilawar has revealed to NIA sleuths, the modus operandi. He revealed how neo-JMB terrorists hit upon the idea of robbing to fund their jihad. Sleuths of Lalbazar are in the process of contacting their counterparts in Karnataka to verify the claims. Investigators have reportedly learnt that neo-JMB leader Kausar Mizan particularly favoured the idea of loot and burglary to fund terror activities.
Investigators said that Mizan appears to be a customer and believes that jihad is his holy duty. Dilawar revealed that the robberies were carried out under direct orders of Mizan. Raids at three places netted the terror operatives a few lakh worth of gold and jewellery but the arrest of Mizan and Tuhin jeopardized other planned robberies, revealed sources.
The Khagragarh explosions of 2014 brought focus on neo-JMB in India. Post the failed blasts, Bodh Gaya investigators found out that neo-JMB was founded on Indian soil and the arrested trio of Mizan, Tuhin and Salehin were its leaders.
Agencies believe they may have radicalised and recruited a few more people, mainly in Malda and Murshidabad. In the recent past time and again areas bordering Bangladesh in West Bengal have come under focus as a hub of terror-related activities, be it unearthing of gun factories, radicalisation, modules of terror outfits and point of entry of fake currencies into India. While smuggling has been common in these areas, the focus on terror has alarmed security agencies.



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