Senator joins far-right Southern in Sydney

An Australian senator has joined Canadian far-right activist Lauren Southern at a rally condemning the South African government's treatment of farmers.
Ms Southern, 23, is a provocateur known for her controversial views on multiculturalism, Islam and feminism.
She teared up while addressing a protest group gathered in Sydney's Hyde Park to voice concerns that South African farmers are victims of targeted hate crimes.
Katter's Australian Party senator Fraser Anning and Canadian far-right podcaster Stefan Molyneux also addressed the group of about 50 people before they marched to Circular Quay.
Senator Anning was originally elected on Pauline Hanson's One Nation ticket and has previously called on Australia to let "white South African refugees come here before black radicals and South African communists finish their plans of genocide".
Protesters at Saturday's rally flew South African flags while others held posters labelling the nation's government racist and pleading for the violence to be stopped.
"Recognise the genocide," one placard said.
Rally organisers have called on the Turnbull government to grant visas to farmers and to publicly condemn the actions of a "corrupt" and "racist" South African government.
"If the country fail (sic) it will also affect Africa," the organisers posted online.
"We need to intervene now before it is too late."
Earlier this year Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton said white South African farmers "deserve special attention" from Australia due to the "horrific circumstances" of land seizures and violence.
A documentary on the issue produced by Ms Southern will air at a secret location in Sydney on Saturday evening ahead of her and Mr Molyneux's live speaking event.



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