Pakistani barbarism continues: BNM releases report for month of June

Baloch National Movement's Central Information Secretary Dil Murad Baloch issued the monthly report for the month of June 2018. He said that the Pakistan Army carried out 64 operations, 70 houses were looted, 109 men and women were whisked away during military operations, 200 houses were ablazed in the same month. Several women were abducted and they were physically and psychologically tortured in army camps. On 4th June, Shahzia Qadir  Bakhsh, Nazia Qadir Bakhsh, Shahgul Khuda Bakhsh, Hawa Khuda Bakhsh, Freeda Hashim, Ameena Razzaq and other women were forcibly taken to army camp, there they were tortured and sexually abused. On 27th June in Lal Bazar and Kohado areas of Jahu three women, Gul Bibi, her daughter and Saima Anees were abducted by army, they were released in the next day after torture and sexual harassment. On 29th Amina was arrested and she was released in the next day. In Ispeth-Koh area of Mashkay Baloch women, Noor Malik, Mahjaan, Sakeena, Bibi Sahti were taken into custody, tortured, whose condition is critical now.

There was a hike in forced migration in this month. This is all done to make election 25th July  possible in Balochistan. Hundreds and thousands of people were forced to settle near the surrounding of army camps. They are living under the open sky and all the means of their livelihoods had been taken from them. Majority of these displaced people are heavily dependent on agriculture and livestock.

The report says, all of these atrocious tactics are being taken to make the upcoming so-called general election successful.

In June, 22 dead bodies were recovered, in which 11 were identified Baloch those were martyred in different occasions; However, the death causes of other were unknown. 2 schools have been converted into military camps in the month of June. Army in pursuance of its forced displacement policy of local people, poised several water reservoirs in Mashkay so that people leave their house a come and settle near army camps.

26 persons were also released from torture cells, in which 7 were disappeared in 2016,13 were enforced disappeared in 2017, 4 persons whisked away in 2018 and 2 persons were enforced disappeared before 5 years, were released in the month of June, after inhuman torture by Pakistani law enforcement agencies.


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