Italy’s far-right deputy PM Matteo Salvini says UK should focus on no deal Brexit as EU will ‘swindle’ British voters

He insisted that the UK must assert itself in Brexit negotiations, or risk being swindled

ITALY’S far right deputy prime minister says the EU is trying to “swindle” British voters out of Brexit.
Interior minister Matteo Salvini told the Sunday Times Theresa May should adopt a tougher stance and prepare to walk away without a deal.
 The interior minister said the should be prepared for a no deal Brexit
The interior minister said the should be prepared for a no deal Brexit
He said: “My experience in the European parliament tells me you either impose yourself or they swindle you.”
The former MEP, thought to be Italy’s most powerful politician, said “on some principles there is no need to be flexible and you should not go backwards”.
He said the bloc is trying to punish Britain for leaving and Italy is one of several member nations growing frustrated with how Brussels is handling the talks.
He declared. "There is no objectivity or good faith from the European side."
 Theresa May will get a boost from the comments
AP:Associated Press
Theresa May will get a boost from the comments
And offering Mrs May a lifeline by speaking out against the EU, he said: “I hope the negotiations end well for the UK to serve as an example of the people coming out on top of the EU.
“I remember the referendum stage as an example of participation and freedom; I hope it can be an opportunity for the British.”
The news is a big boost for Mrs May as it shows there is a split between EU27 nations and the EU's hardline approach to Brexit talks.
Mr Salvini said Italy would be Britain's friend in the talks and he "definitely" wanted Mrs May to come away with a deal.
Last week the EU's chief negotiator Michel Barnier rejected Mrs May's plans for the UK to collect customs tariffs on behalf of the bloc.
The PM now has another shot at convincing the leaders of the member states to accept her proposal
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