How Christian missionaries are funding naxals, their urban friends to ‘BREAK INDIA’

It is often said that the West has four wings of the armed forces-The Army, Airforce, Navy and the Church. Several security analysts and officials say that the problem being posed by the Christian missionaries is immense. Like Islamic terrorism which is a more open threat, the threat posed by a large section of missionaries is veiled, but extremely dangerous.
The book Breaking India, by Rajiv Malhotra, an NRI from the US explores this issue in detail. The book written after 5 years of extensive research speaks about a Western project to break India into small independent Christian countries.
Officials say that the missionaries are bound to get even more desperate now. The crackdown on foreign funding has hit them hard and they are rattled. Former officer with the Research and Analysis Wing, Amar Bhushan tells Oneindia that the missionaries are rattled as the funding is squeezed. This has resulted in a no-show where conversions and stage managed protests are concerned.


The aim of the missionaries is to exploit the existing fault-lines along religion, caste, community, language, ethinicity and race. Exploiting the faultiness there have been conversion factories that have been set up.
The aim is to create hatred and divide the dominant non-converted community. There have been several instances especially in the north-eastern states where an armed struggle has been created to achieve the cause. It took a while for the Indian government to realise how deep-rooted this problem was. At first these agitations and armed struggles were viewed as a political or law and order problem. However it has come to light that this is part of a larger conspiracy hatched abroad.
It is not just staging armed struggles or protests, but the 24/7 conversion factories achieve their goals through various means. Many Hindus who have converted to Christianity were brainwashed into believing that Christianity is a superior religion. An effective propaganda was also run to make Hinduism appear evil.

Funding naxalites and their urban friends:

As part of the larger conspiracy the missionaries have been funding the naxalites, leftist thinkers especially in the main-stream English media. Many write ups have appeared in which it is made too look as though Hinduism is nothing but a religion of superstition. Articles blaming Hinduism for all the evils in society have also surfaced several times.
The aim is to spread an anti-Hindu propaganda and also to ensure that the native culture and tradition is rejected. Funding the naxalites is also a large part of the agenda. The missionaries benefit largely from the violence and under the garb of setting up relief camps, a huge conversion exercise is undertaken.
Funding comes in various forms. Foreign funding forms bulk of the amount and there are dedicated Churches abroad to oversee this. Collecting big donations in convent schools are also part of the exercise. Funding through allied businesses such as driving schools, computer institutes, de-addiction centres and vocational training institutes too have been found. However a large part of the funding has always been through NGOs.
Funds have also been raised through militant outfits and naxalites. Extortion, national tax as has been seen in Nagaland and Arunachal Pradesh are some examples of this. Income raised through illegal mining, tree felling and the money raised through drug trade have also found its way into the coffers of the missionaries.

Beware of the urban naxal:

Amar Bhushan says that following the crackdown on NGOs, there has been a massive fund squeeze. These missionaries and naxalites along with their urban friends are bound to get desperate. They would look at all possible ways to break India, he also adds.
The urban naxalites in my opinion are most dangerous, Bhushan says. These are the ones who do not let the government go after the naxalites in the jungles. When Chidambaram had taken over as the Home Minister, he said that the naxals are our first rank enemies. Whatever their might may be, we will finish them, he had said. However within six months the approach changed with there being a huge uproar. This is what I mean when I say that the urban naxals do not let the government go after their friends in the jungle, Amar Bhushan also adds.
Bhushan says that the existing dispensation in the Centre has adopted a non -nonsense approach to the problem. It is clear that the naxals are a rattled lot. The way in which they used the Dalits in protests recently for a better appeal is proof of the same, he also added.
Taking the fight to the naxals is not easy. They are being chased in Bihar and Chattisgarh. This government according to me will break the back of the naxalites. However I must add that if the current dispensation does not come back to power in 2019, then I see the naxal movement bouncing back in a big way.



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