Syrian rebel group begins to leave last bastion in eastern Ghouta: state media

FILE PHOTO: Rebel fighters pray before they are evacuated, outside Harasta in eastern Ghouta, in Damascus, Syria March 23, 2018. REUTERS/Omar Sanadiki
AMMAN (Reuters) - A group of Syrian rebel fighters began on Sunday to leave their last bastion in eastern Ghouta to head to insurgent-held Idlib in northwestern Syria, state media said.
The move is the first such withdrawal of Failaq al Rahman fighters from besieged Douma, where the dominant rebel group Jaish al Islam is still negotiating a deal with Russia over surrender terms that gives them the option of leaving the enclave or making peace with the Syrian authorities.
A deal was reached last night by a negotiating committee to evacuate wounded Jaish al Islam civilians and fighters to northwestern Syria, but it was not clear if it was part of a broader deal that includes in later stages the pullout of fighters.



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