Left wing extremism: Philippine Reds recruiting college students, warns PNP

MANIL: Communist rebels have been busy recruiting college students under the guise of inviting them to join off-campus activities like teach-ins and symposiums during their summer break, a senior Philippine National Police (PNP) officer warned on Saturday.

Chief Superintendent John Bulalacao, the PNP spokesman, said the recruitment activities usually occur in areas where the insurgents continue to operate amid the decision of the Duterte administration to declare them as “terrorists.”

“The PNP is discouraging students from venturing into insurgency-affected areas to join summer off-campus activities organised by groups that have been infiltrated by front organisations of the CPP-NPA,” Bulalacao pointed out.

The CPP stands for the Communist Party of the Philippines and the NPA, its armed component that have been waging a Maoist-style insurgency against the government for 50 years, considered the longest in the region.

However, Bulalacao did not identify the alleged Maoist front organisations involved in their off-campus activities like immersion programmes, teach-ins and social work service especially in the countryside.

In this light, Bulalacao also advised parents to be extra-careful in allowing their children to join off-campus activities not approved by school officials during the summer vacation.

But he noted the rising involvement of college students being arrested or even killed in recent  encounters between government forces and the Maoists in some parts of the country.

“The sad part,” Bulalacao lamented, “is that the parents never knew of the involvement of their children in the underground movement.”

In 2017, President Rodrigo “Rody” Duterte formally cancelled peace talks with the Maoists through their political arm the National Democratic Front hosted by Oslo, Norway as the third party facilitator.

Duterte pointed out the cancellation arose from the unabated attacks by the insurgents on business firms like mining and bus companies as well as on remote police and military outposts while their representatives were talking peace with the government in Norway.
Duterte also accused the Maoists of engaging in massive extortion activities victimizing mining and bus companies under the guise of demanding from them payment of “revolutionary taxes.

Source: http://www.gulftoday.ae/portal/75456292-57de-4dce-9c07-e30c33b3e728.aspx


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