Catalonia: Over Half a Million Mobilized Against Repression And For the Freedom of Political Prisoners

On April 15, around 315.000 people according to the Urban Guard, and 750.000 according the organization, filled the downtown of Barcelona to demand the freedom of political prisoners, the return of the exiled and the end of State repression against the Catalan people
The mobilization, which filled the Plaça de Espanya, the Avinguda del Parallel and the nearest streets, was called by Espai Democràcia i Convivència, an organization that groups social and cultural entities, political parties and trade unions. The critic bloc Plataforma 3 d’octubre, which groups alternative trade unions, social movements and the radical left, also participated in the mobilization.
Slogans like “Llibertat”, “Llibertat presos polítics”, “Us volem a casa”, “Tots som CDR” were chanted loudly during the mobilization, which concluded in the Parc of the Three Xemeneies of Paral lel.
For more information about the current situation in Catalonia and the repression of the pro-independence political leaders…



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