As a Hindu, will you ever forgive the Congress for creating the term “Hindu Terrorism”?

As a Hindu, will you ever forgive the Congress for creating the term “Hindu Terrorism”?

Anti-Hindu politicians and journalists ( the list is too long to be named), in order to promote Muslim appeasement created this new term along with Saffron (symbol of renunciation) Terror though primarily India is secular as Hinduism the main cultural stream is secular but wherever like Northeast or Kashmir the Hindus are minority, there are separatist terrorism.
Terrorism that has rocked Afghanistan-Pakistan and the entire world from Iraq to USA-Europe killing millions of innocents, including over 70,000 in India is simply Terrorism to them and not ‘Muslim Terrorism’. Jihad is not optional but compulsory for a Muslim or supporting it as per Quran but this Terror Manual has not yet been banned.

Hindu organizations went all out to save Sikhs- the pride of India. When after Indira assassination in 1984, Congress started nationwide anti-Sikh genocide pogrom murdering over 3,000 Sikhs which was a glaring example of ‘Congress Non-Violent Terrorism’ or “Gandhian Terrorism” claiming the path of Mahatma.

Even an illiterate today knows, that Terrorism in form of Jihad is wholly interlinked with teachings of Islam, but to save this Arab ideology the petro-dollar fed Politicians and their stooge media first tried to delink Terrorism with Religion and now doing same by Hindu Terror allegations.

Hindustan is a Hindu land and still, Hinduism is in majority, so terrorism not required to capture power as some Muslims and Christians wish & fight against Heathen/Kafir India. Congress leaders, however, went to Azamgarh to console Muslim Terrorist families while calling their encounter near Jamia University where Inspector Mohan Sharma was martyred as fake. No wonder this Congress Government has announced ex-gratia payment of Rs. 5 lakh to families of each slain Jihadi though martyred soldier families run from pillar to post for their due service claims.

Now those who try to malign 85 year old RSS (whose nationalism was never questioned earlier by even diehard enemies) first tried to link some Hindus accused by Congress Government and their investigating agencies for alleged Terrorist acts against minorities with the Sangh and when failed try to reason that they and Sangh are both Hindu Nationalists so there must be a connection. As if Maoists, CPI, CPM and Samajwadi Party are  Socialists so they are unite!
Congressmen tried to reason same during 1948 Gandhi murder by Nathuram Godse, a member of Hindu Mahasabha by trying to link with RSS as both are Hindutvadis -Courts cleared Sangh totally and criticized such manipulations. Even after years of torture and scientific tests like Narco Analysis, Congress has failed to prove a single case of the wild accusations against the arrested Hindu activists keeping Colonel Purohit and Sadhvi Pragya in jail for years without a trial while deliberately not hanging convicts Afzal Guru or Kasab after court verdicts for their deaths
Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) national president Amit Shah had lashed out at the Congress party, asking its leaders to apologise for Hindu terror remark. He said that the grand old party has insulted the Hindu culture. “The Congress party has insulted the entire Hindu religion across the globe in the name of saffron terrorism,” he said and accused the party of using religion as a political tool.

“The Congress should apologise for the term saffron terrorism. The party must apologise for defaming the Hindu culture, insulting Hindus.Charges were slapped on Swami Aseemanand when the Congress was in power. But he is free now. Today I want to tell Rahulji that the nation will never forgive his party leaders who tried to defame Hindus by coining terms like saffron terrorism,” he said.

Mumbai CST Terrorist Kasab had said that both Indian, as well as Pakistani Muslims, jointly helped the attack. The Jihadis all wore red bands in wrists & smearing a Tilak on the forehead like Hindu youths so that if Kasab was not caught alive the blame could have been passed on Hindus which Congress and Anti-Indian brigade has been doing since decades now! It is their joint attempt to advertise the agenda of “Hindu terrorism” and spread it all over. Maybe its way too long for this sin by Congress to be forgiven and forgotten…



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