Fresh Saudi air raids leave seven civilians dead across Yemen

Yemenis check the damage in the aftermath of a Saudi airstrike in the Yemeni capital city of Sana’a on March 8, 2018. (Photo by AFP)
Yemenis check the damage in the aftermath of a Saudi airstrike in the Yemeni capital city of Sana’a on March 8, 2018. (Photo by AFP)
At least seven civilians have been killed when Saudi military aircraft carried out separate airstrikes against residential areas in Yemen’s western coastal provinces of Hudaydah and the northwestern province of Sa’ada as the Riyadh regime presses ahead with its atrocious bombardment campaign against its southern neighbor.
Saudi fighter jets conducted four aerial assaults against a farm in Husseiniyah area of the Bayt al-Faqih district of Hudaydah Province, located 150 kilometers southwest of the capital Sana'a, on Saturday afternoon, leaving five people dead, unnamed local sources told Yemen’s Arabic-language al-Masirah television network.
The sources added that there were children among the deceased.
Meanwhile, two civilians lost their lives and as many sustained injuries when Saudi warplanes targeted their vehicle along a road in the Razih district of Sa’ada Province.

11 killed as Houthis, Hadi loyalists clash in southwestern Yemen

Nearly a dozen people have been killed in overnight clashes between fighters from the Yemeni Houthi Ansarullah movement and militiamen loyal to resigned president Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi in the country’s southwestern province of al-Bayda, military and medical officials say.
The officials, speaking on condition of anonymity, said on Saturday that skirmishes in the al-Malagim district of the province have claimed the lives of eight Ansarullah fighters and three Saudi-backed militiamen.
Separately, Yemeni soldiers, backed by fighters from Popular Committees, have struck the positions of Saudi mercenaries in the al-Maslub district of the northern province of al-Jawf, leaving scores of them killed and injured.
A Yemeni man carries a child while waiting with others to receive a diphtheria vaccine at a health center in the capital Sana’a on March 14, 2018. (Photo by AFP)
About 14,000 people have been killed since the onset of Saudi Arabia’s military campaign against Yemen in March 2015. Much of the Arabian Peninsula country's infrastructure, including hospitals, schools and factories, has been reduced to rubble due to the war.
The United Nations says a record 22.2 million people are in need of food aid, including 8.4 million threatened by severe hunger.

A high-ranking UN aid official recently warned against the “catastrophic” living conditions in Yemen, stating that there is a growing risk of famine and cholera there.

“After three years of conflict, conditions in Yemen are catastrophic,” John Ging, UN director of aid operations, told the UN Security Council on February 27.
He added, “People's lives have continued unraveling. Conflict has escalated since November driving an estimated 100,000 people from their homes.”
Ging said cholera had infected 1.1 million people in Yemen since last April, and a new outbreak of diphtheria has occurred in the war-ravaged Arab country since 1982.



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