Afghan Army defuses 234 IEDs, landmines

Around 234 different types of Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) and landmines have been detected and defused over the last 24 hours, the Afghan Defence Ministry said on Sunday.

"Afghan National Army engineering teams and bomb disposal units launched operations to clear landmines in different provinces since early Saturday. They found and defused 234 different IEDs and landmines," the Ministry said in a statement.

Taliban militants and Islamic State (IS) extremist group's fighters have been using IEDs to make roadside bombs and landmines for targeting security forces, but the lethal home-made weapons also inflict casualties on civilians, Xinhua news agency reported.

Finding and neutralising the weapons remains a challenge for Afghan security forces.
More than 10 civilians have been killed and over 20 wounded in IED explosions across the country since early January this year.



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