Terror attack : Truck drives into crowd on busy Stockholm street

15:20: "At 14:53 we got the call via SOS alarm that some people have injured other people on Drottninggatan near Klarabergsgatan. Now we're at the scene to deal with it" a police spokesperson has told The Local.
Police said they currently do not know how many people are injured and are working with emergency services to find out.
"I have no idea where the vehicle is now, this is the information available tome."
Police would not comment on whether the incident could be terror related, nor what has happened to the vehicle, and stated they are still assessing what has happened.
"I don't know where the vehicle is at the moment, but we will update that information on our website."

15:11: Police confirmed in a statement published at 2.53pm that they have received reports that "a person in a vehicle has injured other people". 

Source https://www.thelocal.se/20170407/live-truck-drives-into-crowd-on-busy-stockholm-street


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