Naxals carried out ISI's order to attack Odisha railway station

Naxals carried out ISI's order to attack Odisha railway station
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Investigations have now found that the attack was carried out by the naxalites on the instructions of the ISI, Pakistan's spy agency. An investigating officer informed that the attack clearly has an ISI signature to it. Targeting the railways in India was a trend that was started by the naxals, but later picked up by the ISI.
The naxalites are currently being funded by the ISI. The ISI feels that the naxals are in a better position to strike at the railways. There are a lot of factors behind the ISI assigning the naxalites, officials say.
For one the naxals are better equipped as they are well aware of the logistics. Moreover since they are locals the suspicion is lesser, officials also say. Naxalites on the other hand obey the ISI as they are in need of funds. Post demonetisation, the naxalites took a severe beating and this is when they began to rely on the ISI for money. The ISI also supplies them with arms, officials say.
The investigation into the Odisha incident suggests that the attack was carried out on the instructions of the ISI. The NIA is already seized off several cases of train accidents in which an ISI hand is suspected. The recent blast on the Bhopal train was found to be the handiwork of an Islamic State inspired module.
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