Journalist hopes Hollywood movie will bring more support for Kurds in Syria

American journalist Seth Harp hopes that a Hollywood movie based on his article about Western volunteers joining the Kurds to fight against ISIS will bring more attention to the Kurds in Syria.
“I hope the movie brings the world’s attention to the bravery of the Syrian Kurds who are fighting ISIS,” Harp told ARA News.
Harp’s article “The Anarchists VS. ISIS” published in the Rolling Stone magazine more than one month ago tells the story of US volunteers, anarchists who are fighting alongside the People’s Protection Units (YPG) and the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in Raqqa–the ISIS’s de facto capital.
According to his report, a volunteer group of 75 hardcore leftists, anarchists and communists from Europe and America have joined the YPG to fight ISIS.
The Swedish film director Daniel Espinosa adopted the rights to Seth Harp’s Rolling Stone article to make a movie.
“Most Americans don’t know who the Kurds are, though they have fought with U.S. forces since 1991,” Journalist Seth Harp said in an interview with ARA News.
“By their nature movies can be simplistic, but they can also have more power to influence people’s opinions than the most thoughtful book,” he said
“If this movie gets made I hope it results in greater American support, both political and military, for the YPG and the people of Rojava [Syria’s Kurdistan], because they need all the help they can get,” he concluded.



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