Bomb attack kills 31 in Baghdad café

A bomb attack at a café in the north of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, has killed at least 31 people.
The bombing occurred at the Beiruti Café on Wednesday, also leaving an unknown number of people wounded.
Iraqi security forces have been fighting a terrorist campaign by Daesh since 2014. The terrorist group launched an offensive in June that year, overrunning territory and sending Iraqi troops on its path fleeing. But the Iraqi army later reorganized and managed to take back much of the territory from the Daesh terrorists. Popular defense groups also formed, joining the security forces in the operations to retake lost territory.
A last urban bastion under the control of Daesh is Mosul, where a large-scale operation is underway to dislodge the terrorists.
But the terror outfit has managed to conduct sporadic attacks in areas across Iraq even as it has been losing ground. Just on Tuesday, ten Daesh terrorists disguised as police officers entered the northern Iraqi city of Tikrit — a city they had overrun but then lost — and engaged in separate attacks that killed at least 31 people.
Also on Wednesday, and in Mosul, a car bomb exploded near a location used as a base by government forces, killing 11 troopers.
To the west of the city, Popular Mobilization Units foiled an attempted Daesh attack on their stations, killing 30 terrorists in the process.
On Tuesday, Prime Minister Heider al-Abadi said Iraqi people blamed Saudi Arabia for the terrorist bombings in their country, as many of the assailants conducting such bombings were Saudi nationals.
“Many Saudi nationals have carried out terrorist operations in Iraq, and every Iraqi citizen has a right to believe that Saudi Arabia is a supporter of terrorism,” Abadi told Lebanon’s Al Mayadeen television channel.



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