50 radicalized Indian youths have crossed over: Sushma

NEW DELHI: Fifty radicalized Indian youths have crossed over to the "other side", but the Indian ethos and culture have ensured that the country remains largely insulated from the menace, external affairs minister Sushma Swaraj said on Wednesday.

The "threat" of radicalization is not limited to Jammu and Kashmir but all states and the entire world as well, she said in the Lok Sabha.

Responding to supplementary questions during the Question Hour, Swaraj said 50 radicalized Indian youths have crossed over to the "other side (us taraf gaye hain)". She, however, did not specify where they have gone to.

She said the Centre has already launched an anti- radicalization programme along with states to ensure that the youths are not misled.
The minister credited the "Indian ethos and culture" for protecting India from the problem so far. She said secularism, the watchful eyes of parents and the belief that violence is not good, have helped the country.

Swaraj told the House that India is set to host a conference of ASEAN nations on de-radicalization, but the venue has not yet been finalized.

Besides de-radicalization, cross-border terrorism would be the other topic of the conference. Responding to a question, Swaraj said that South China Sea dispute is not the subject of the proposed event.

She said the government would consider the "positive" suggestion of Asaduddin Owaisi(AIMIM) that 'ulemas' (Muslim scholars) of ASEAN countries should also be invited as they have successfully helped check radicalisation in their respective nations
Source: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/50-radicalized-indian-youths-have-crossed-over-sushma/articleshow/58031199.cms


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