Sayyaf hospitalized in Kabul due to heart attack

A prominent former Afghan jihadi leader Abdul Rab Rasool Sayyaf has been hospitalized in Kabul with preliminary reports suggesting he has suffered a heart attack.
Sources close to Sayyaf have said he is in a better condition and is currently undergoing treatment.
Sayyaf is an influential political and jihadi leader and is one of the prominent critics of the Taliban group and other insurgents fighting in the country.
Reports regarding his submission to the hospital due to heart attack come as he survived numerous attacks in the past.
His residence came under rocket in mid-May 2016 but no casualties were incurred to him while numerous other rockets landed close to his residence few earlier than that.
The attack on residence followed weeks after he criticized the Taliban militants group and dismissed their so called jihad as a move against the principles of Islam.
He has been continuously reaffirming his hard stance against the insurgent groups and call on militant groups last month to end slavery for the outsiders.
He insist that the militant and terrorist groups fighting in the country should not brand their insurgency as Jihad, emphasizing that killing of children, women, destroying houses and committing other horrific crimes are not a holy war.



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