London terror attack: Khan promises to 'learn lessons' to stop future attacks on capital

THE LONDON MAYOR has vowed to “learn lessons” from international terror plots to help prevent any further attacks on the capital in the future. 

Sadiq Khan told Londoners the security services will “evolve and adapt” to keep the city safe in the wake of the London terror attack on Westminster.
Four people were killed on Wednesday afternoon after terrorist Khalid Masood launching the grotesque attack outside the Houses of Parliament. 
An unnamed 75-year-old man was named as the fourth victim after medical staff withdrew medical treatment on Thursday evening.
Mother-of-three Aysha Frade, PC Keith Palmer and American tourist Kurt Cochran were also killed in the horrifying attack.
London terror warning Sadiq KhanC4 NEWS•PA
Sadiq Khan issued a pledge to learn from lessons to protect London from terror threat
We’ve got to find new ways to keep us safe 
Sadiq Khan
The London Mayor was keen to stress he will do his utmost to support counter-terror units to help keep London safe from future terror plots.
Speaking to Channel 4 News, Mr Khan said: “We will improve our chances of success by having barriers and boulders.
“We will make sure we have learnt the lessons from other attacks around the world, and we are going to carry on making sure we evolve and adapt to make sure just like the terrorists will try to find new ways to harm us – we’ve got to find new ways to keep us safe.”
The Prime Minister, in her first address to the Commons after the attack, spoke of how the attacker had “tried to silence our democracy”, claiming Britons had beaten the fear by returning to normality. 

Ole Dammegard predicted London attacks one month before

She said: “Yesterday an act of terrorism tried to silence our democracy.
“But today we meet as normal – as generations have done before us, and as future generations will continue to do – to deliver a simple message: we are not afraid. And our resolve will never waiver in the face of terrorism.
“And we meet here, in the oldest of all Parliaments, because we know that democracy – and the values it entails – will always prevail.
“Those values – free speech, liberty, human rights and the rule of law – are embodied here in this place, but they are shared by free people around the world. 
“A terrorist came to the place where people of all nationalities and cultures gather to celebrate what it means to be free. And he took out his rage indiscriminately against innocent men, women and children.
“This was an attack on free people everywhere.”
Speaking at a candlelit vigil for victims of the attack, the Met Police’s Acting Commissioner Craig Mackey told gathered crowds that while the tragic attack “cannot be undone” it is now up to the public to “choose our reaction”. 
He urged Londoners to “stand together” as they “move forward” from what had happened in Westminster. 


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