Iraqi forces discover ISIS' underground Tadmour Base

3:24 p.m.

The interior of the underground Tadmour Base that Iraqi army commanders claim was used by ISIS militants to train foreign fighters and teens in southern Mosul was discovered.

Iraqi commanders said there is evidence of ISIS using the base to train foreign fighters, children and teens for bombings and warfare.

It is near the airport, south of the city. And to enter the fortified base, which is 10 meters underground, one must walk through a tunnel.

It was discovered by the Iraqi army’s Rapid Response force.

"It is designed as part of the training," on Iraqi commander told Rudaw. "The trainees, as part of their programs, should crawl onto these barrels and get themselves in the mud to pass this phase of training. As you see power has been extended to lighten this base. They have fully equipped it without any shortcomings. The majority of those who used to undergo training here were foreigners."

The facility was previously constructed by the Iraqi government as a railway tunnel.


9:53 a.m.

Iraqi army recaptures new western Mosul district, discovers two ISIS prisons, containing 40 

Iraqi armed forces have reportedly entered Wadi al-Hajar district in western Mosul on Wednesday and discovered two ISIS prisons in the newly liberated neighborhood of al-Tayyaran containing 40 people, including 20 women.

The Iraqi army announced today that their forces have been able to break into Wadi al-Hajar district  in the southernmost part of western Mosul.
The army also stated that they discovered two prisons in al-Tayyaran neighborhood. One of them was particular for women containing 20 and the other for men where a similar number were rescued.

In part of the military developments against the retreating ISIS militants, the army also announced it brought Mosul- Tal Afar road under control.

The army is also  trying to push northward  towards al-Dawasa district that is on the touchline with the 4th bridge.

This comes after the Iraqi Security Forces (ISF) took control of the key 4th bridge on Monday. ISF controls the left bank of the river, declared liberated in January, to the right side which is still largely under the control of the ISIS militants.

Iraqi Forces have launched a fresh offensive to liberate the right bank from ISIS  more than a week ago, after a lull for weeks, and are now facing a strong resistance of ISIS militants deploying car bombs, sniper fire and armed commercial drones throwing grenades and explosives.

The  ISF are now in control of the districts of Wadi al-Hajar,  al-Jawsaq and al-Tayyaran on the southern edge of the Tigris west of the city, and the southernmost district of al-Maamun from where more than 2,000 people fled in 24 hours this week.

Iraqi forces declared the full control of the eastern half late last month, 100 days after the launch of the offensive last year in October.



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