'He's not a Muslim' Furious caller tells Farage London terror attacker is a 'scumbag'

The former  leader led the discussion questioning whether there was a divide in politics following the deadly London terrorist attack. 
Khalid Masood has been named by the Met Police as the killer who mowed down several people on Westminster Bridge before stabbing a police officer repeatedly. 
Four people were killed and up to 40 people were injured as the attacker, who was shot dead by an officer, began his rampage at around 2.40pm on Wednesday. 
A Muslim caller named Abdul told LBC host Farage that he was deeply upset but reiterated that the killer was not part of his faith. 
He said: “That scumbag, who has killed innocent lives, he has not done it under my religion.

“He might say that he is a Muslim, but to be honest with you, he’s not a Muslim because in Islam it says that you cannot kill innocent people, that’s where my frustration lies.”

Farage and the caller then discussed the Koran, before Abdul added: “This person who has killed innocent lives - that could have been my brother, that could have been my sister, that’s the stand point I am looking at.”
The caller then told the  presenter that the attack has now lead to a backlash. 

Piers Morgan brands London attacker 'horrible little coward'

That scumbag, who has killed innocent lives, he has not done it under my religion 
Upset caller
He said: “That idiot who has killed innocent lives, it’s a backlash now.
“I do think that everyone is united, London is a multicultural place. We are living together. 
“But these people who do these things, do it for their own greed, they are not doing it for religious purposes.”
Earlier in the day Prime Minister Theresa May said the Westminster terror attack was a “perversion” of Islam and Muslims must not be blamed for it.
The Prime Minister told MPs “it is wrong to describe what happened as Islamic terrorism, it is Islamist terrorism - a perversion of a great faith”.

The Muslim Council of Britain has also condemned the attack, with secretary general Harun Khan calling it “cowardly and depraved”.
He said: “There is no justification for this act whatsoever.
“The best response to this outrage is to make sure we come together in solidarity and not allow the terrorists to divide us.
“My condolences, thoughts and prayers go to the families of the victims.”


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