Government funds are going to terrorist and neo-Nazi groups

MK Oded Forer (Yisrael Beiteinu) addressed a letter to Culture Minister and Sport Miri Regev in which he expressed his concern that government advertising on Youtube is helping to finance terrorist organizations and neo-Nazi groups.
According to reports, the commercial advertising by the Culture and Sport Ministry has been used as introductions to the videos of terrorist organizations and neo-Nazi groups. According to Google, which owns Youtube, the original creators of the videos receive a percentage of revenues from the advertisements.
According to estimates, about 10% of the budget for advertising on Facebook and YouTube, which amounts to four million shekels ($1 million) a year, is potentially being channeled to advertisers which fund terrorism and neo-Nazi groups due to Youtube advertisement policies.
Forer noted in is letter that many large corporations and even countries have halted their use of Youtube as an advertising avenue due to this issue. In Britain, representatives of Youtube were summoned to an urgent debate in Parliament on the issue of advertising funding terrorist and hate groups.
MK Forer, who has revealed that several advertisements from government ministries have been used to finance anti-Israel organizations, said that the government "must verify that no content is published by the government on sites and places where there is no information about where the advertising budgets are going, and without verification that the advertising budget will not go to terrorist organizations and similar groups."
"The fact that many countries around the world have begun to consider this issue also obliges the various government ministries in general, and the Culture and Sport Ministry in particular, to do everything possible to prevent the indirect funding of terror organizations and haters of Israel." he added.



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