German Government Issues Travel Warning for Sweden Because of Terrorism Risk

German Government Issues Travel Warning for Sweden Because of Terrorism Risk
Germany releases travel warning for Sweden in the midst of global refugee debate. 
It looks like Germany doesn’t believe refugee violence is merely a right-wing talking point: That government on Wednesday released a statement warning its citizens about travel to Sweden due to the “increased threat levels of terrorism.”
Last month, President Trump was criticized for his comments mistakenly implying a terrorist attack had occurred in Sweden the night before. In a followup tweet, Trump clarified that he was referencing “a story that was broadcast on @FoxNews concerning immigrants & Sweden.”
Later that same week, Sweden’s majority-immigrant neighborhood of Rinkeby made headlines after riots broke out over “increased pressure on criminals in the area,” according to Stockholm regional police chief Ulf Johansson.
Now, it appears the Germany government has safety concerns about Sweden.
In the statement, German officials recommend people exercise caution on “public transport, avoid larger crowds, and follow instructions from Swedish security forces at all times.”  The government also asks that people are generally “cautious in [Stockholm]” and that “special attention and vigilance” is required “during religious holidays and at major events such as concerts or festivals.”
The travel warning comes in the midst of a heated debate about the Swedish government’s decision to take over 160,000 asylum-seekers, mostly from the Middle East.


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