Chaborz special ops buggy to be produced in Chechnya

Serial production of the Chaborz special operations buggy was officially launched on 4 March at the Chechenavto automotive plant in Argun, Chechnya.
Developed by Russian engineers to be used as an assault, reconnaissance, medevac, or command vehicle, the light, multipurpose all-terrain vehicle can transport a crew of three and up to 250 kg of payload in desert, mountain, and steppe terrains and has apparently passed all trials in the harshest conditions.
The Chaborz "is capable of accomplishing the most difficult tactical missions", Head of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov stated during the vehicle's production launch. He also tested the capabilities of the buggy.
"While Russia's position in the area of heavy military vehicles is splendid, the segment of light armed vehicles is occupied by foreign manufacturers," said Kadyrov. "However, we have developed an all-terrain vehicle that features advanced technical specifications within several months."
Adding that there "is a demand for such vehicles in Syria, as they can effectively eliminate terrorists in mountainous terrain", Kadyrov said, "I believe the commands of all units will be interested in the acquisition of such vehicles."
"The price of our buggy is significantly less compared to foreign analogues, yet at the same time we offer advanced capabilities," noted Danil Martynov, who as assistant to Kadyrov is also deputy commander of the Russian National Guard in Chechnya.
"The military version of the buggy will cost RUB1.5 million (USD25,700), while the civil version will be cheaper. We can produce the vehicle at a rate of 30 units per month at the Chechenavto enterprise," Martynov added.
The International Special Forces Training Centre in Chechnya also revealed a project to produce a large all-terrain vehicle that could transport up to six personnel with their equipment and be capable of speeds up to 130 km/h. The vehicle is intended to have a length of more than 4 m and a weight of 1.5 tonnes, and could be equipped with Kord and Pecheneg machine guns, as well as an automatic grenade launcher.



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