Baloch activists want UN rapporteur to probe human rights violations by Pakistan

GENEVA: Baloch political and human rights activists have demanded a special rapporteur in the United Nations to probe gross human rights violations in Pakistan's Balochistan province. Baloch activist Ahmar Mastikhan has stressed that Balochistan is a graver crisis than Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar.

"It has been delayed. It could have happened a long time ago and we have a situation of mass graves where there is no domestic redressed available to the people of Balochistan. Has there been some domestic mechanism for them to have their basic and birth human rights protected, we would not have raised this question. We are happy over the Rohingya r rapporteur in Burma, but I assure you, it is more serious issue than Rohingya issue. It is more multi- dimensional and multi-faceted," Mastikhan told ANI.

Baloch Republican Party member Abdul Nawaz Bugti said the renewed impetus to conduct investigations came after, he claimed, that a mass grave was discovered in Pakistan's Dera Bugti in February this year where only women and children were buried.

"We have always highlighted these issues we are facing in Balochistan, especially the human rights violation. In the past two years. Pakistan has been targeting and blackmailing Baloch activists in the UN and in Balochistan. They have now stated to abduct women and children, who are being tortured and facing problems like lack of food and medication," Bugti said.

Things have taken nastier turn from 4-5 months,Pak Military&Intelligence Agencies abduct/kidnap women&children-Mehran Marri, Baloch activist

China has to realize that Pakistan hasn't even been America’s friend, it will burn their fingers also: Mehran Marri, Baloch activist



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