Al-Qaida Quietly Regrouping To Expand ‘Global Terror Enterprise’

Al-Qaida’s affiliate in western Africa, AQIM, is consolidating with local tribal groups to put down roots to grow its terror operations, The Soufan Group warns.
Al-Qaida’s Africa strategy mimics the tactics it’s used in Syria, which co-opts local groups into its larger terror network. The strategy is at odds with Islamic State tactics, which instead controls and administers territory under its control by conquest. Experts say al-Qaida’s methods will make it more difficult to eradicate, and could make it a much longer lasting threat than ISIS.
“While the world remains focused on defeating the Islamic State, al-Qaeda is quietly exploiting the opportunity to expand its global terrorist enterprise,” the U.S.-based security advisory firm states.
The group outlines al-Qaida’s patient strategy with African tribes saying, “over a decade of collaboration with AQIM helped convince local militants of the group’s long-term commitment to the region, and the utility of sacrificing a degree of autonomy in exchange for the benefits of membership in al-Qaeda’s global network.” 



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